donderdag 22 september 2011

Short documentary about Gypsy Jazz I made!

Haven't been practicing my guitar playing lately. This was mostly due to the fact that I was working really hard on this little project:

ORDER THE NEW CD "LE WEEKEND" BY FOLLOWING THIS LINK! This mini-documentary shows the passion that my friend and guitar teacher Thomas Baggerman has for his guitar playing as well as the love and determination he shows to get his Trio's debut album "Le Weekend" recorded. It also shows their last trip to the yearly Festival Django Reinhardt in Samois sur Seine and contains a selection of their newly recorded work. The full 12 minute documentary will be out somewhere in october 2011 so keep your eyes on this blog if you're interested. You can also follow me on Twitter: Alex_Koning for realtime news updates about the project. (Or this VIMEO Channel dedicated to it) Be sure to share a link to this post to all your Gypsy Jazz friends!!! Thank you!

Donations: The short-documentary "Le Weekend" is an independent production financed by myself in order to promote the trio as well as the fabulous Sinti / Manouche Gypsy Jazz music. If you wich to support the promotion of this underexposed musical genre and help me break even on the production costs a donation will be greatly appreciated! (to do so click the PayPal Donate button underneath the video please)
Thank you!

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